The Truth

“Can I ask you a question?  ‘What is real?'”  And so starts Getting Jesus’ Truth & Beauty Apologetics Seminar.  In just two days Christian youth are strongly reinforced in their convictions regarding: the existence of God, the veracity of the Scriptures, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They are taught some of the most prominent arguments against Christianity, and why they are false.  They also gain in-depth knowledge about the inconsistencies of evolution, the nature of evil, and how God deals with it. It’s become more vital than ever to equip young Christians to understand the evidence that supports Christianity.  75% of Christian youth walk away from the church when they go to college. Getting Jesus, and other ministries like it, are purposefully addressing this Faith-Exodus.


We prepare Christian youth for what they can expect to encounter in our secular world. Christian kids walk away greatly encouraged, equipped, and ready to engage their secular culture with confidence and determination.