Thanks for visiting our blog!  We are glad you are here!

So why would anyone name a blog “Getting Jesus?”   What’s that about?  What are we trying to say?  Well, what we are trying to do is help Young College and High School (and even non-Christians) really understand Jesus- I mean really-really get Him.   It’s about really figuring out Jesus;  or having an “aha” moment regarding Jesus.  It’s about your personal epiphany with respect to who He was and is, and what He thinks about you.  Do you get it?  “Getting Jesus”?

Well, if not, grab a cup of Joe find a comfortable spot on the couch and explore our site.  Then you’ll get the picture.  You’ll find snippets of thoughts, ideas and arguments (and I mean that in the most Socratic way.)   We hope you will find them helpful as we try to speak in a relaxed, pithy and non confrontational way.

Blessings to you and yours!