The Lie

Jonathan Morrow, author of  Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower’s Guide for the Journey.” says, “When a [Christian] student moves from one group where their beliefs were the majority view to a new group where they are now in the minority… they face significant pressure to modify or reject their ‘outdated’ beliefs. When they have left the bubble, will they stand? That is why we must train our students to know why they believe what they believe. It’s not a matter of if, but when the challenges will come.” In an effort to address this, Getting Jesus prepares and equips young Believers in Christian Apologetics.  That way, they can stand tall in our increasingly secular culture. We help Jr. High, High School, and College students 1) Understand why their faith is rational and true. 2) Defend their faith when out in the world of public opinion. In short, we help Christian students learn the inconsistencies of atheism and naturalism, in order to become persuasive defenders of the Christian faith.

Studies now show that 75% of all Christian High School students walk away from their faith in their first college semester.” – Dr Frank Turek

Unless checked, this Faith-Exodus will undermine Christianity for years to come. In fact, atheism has become more evangelistic.  The “New Atheists” now want converts.  The spiritual battle, while never easy, has only intensified.  But sadly, without solid apologetics training, many young Christians enter the battlefield of the world unarmed.  Take into consideration also that Christians and Christianity have been stereotyped as “evil, backward, intolerant, and irrational” and you can see why something must be done.

In a recently released scientific survey of 1,269 faculty members across 712 different colleges and universities, 53 percent of respondents admitted to harboring unfavorable feelings toward evangelicals. Free Republic

But we can turn the tide! Getting Jesus conducts two-day Youth Apologetics Boot Camps to edify and equip young Believers to stand strong in their faith.  Young Believers learn the truth about reality and become convinced that not only does God exist, but He cannot not exist!  They come away greatly encouraged and motivated to defend Christianity and Biblical truth.